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How Can Analytics And AI Allow Marketers To Predict The Future?

How Can Analytics And AI Allow Marketers To Predict The Future?
Chatbots are the biggest technology disruptor in the customer service scene. They're the talking point of every contact centre, every support team and every digital business across the globe. But that doesn't mean everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet. If we had an inflation-adjusted, productivity-adjusted minimum wage today, it would be something like $25 an hour. We would not be arguing about $10. Public policy is, if anything, moving backward. It's certainly not moving forward at the level of the race. So the policy makers lose the race, and a lot of displaced workers, a lot of American families, lose the race. And that is my concern.
Over time, the opportunities for work as we know it today, for purely human workers in any given role, will decrease. But the set of opportunities for work as we will come to know it tomorrow - through human collaboration with AIRA technologies will increase.
For commercial business, that means you can deliver better products, drive up employee engagement, increase your pace of innovation, and compete with much larger rivals. For governments and nonprofit organizations, that means delivering a higher quality of service and greater community impact for every dollar spent.
So platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made it easier for social media users to hide ad content they don't like or derive value from - and this information helps customize the user experience for them while providing advertisers and publishers with more audience insights on the platforms.
AI powered technologies and platforms are already available to help marketers run autonomous digital campaigns (paid, or non-paid), create and extract targeted content intelligently, and promote to or communicate with

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